"It" 10 Seconds Daily


I want to talk about it. It could be something that helps a conversation or hurts the ability to communicate.

In the past year my education of communications has taken a few turns for the better. One of the biggest is finding words that I use on a consistent basis could be causing my conversations to become confusing. 

The word today is "it".

Thanks to my editor for making me aware of how confusing some of my written work was. When ever you use the word it, go back and review and replace it. At times it leaves out important information or confuses the other parties that are listening to you.

Now that I am aware of it, I can make adjustments to the way I communicate and will be more effective.

My speaking, training and writing will improve over time.

Tiny Tweaks, easy stuff. 

What word can you think of that gets in the way of your communicating better?

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