If You Disagree, I Don't Like You 10 Seconds Daily


I came out of my office completely frustrated with the completed conversation. No, not a conversation, and argument. A few years ago this would have ended the relationship today.

I admit in years gone by my relationships were based on people agreeing with me. If you did not agree than I believed you did not like me. I felt my time was wasted moving forward so I moved on without you. I terminated the friendship, or relationship.

Looking back this was not a healthy outlook. 

This model worked well for me, I thought. Until I had an encounter with one specific woman. Flying from Dallas to Las Vegas I noticed an attractive woman and got her attention.

As nature would have be, we started building a relationship. After the initial infatuation began to wear off we began to see differences in one another.

And then the disagreement happened. We could not come to an agreement on what was I am sure a stupid topic. That was the point I began to understand ending a relationship over an argument was ridiculous. We have now been together over twenty-two years.

My thinking was flawed and I am so thankful my wife had the energy and love in her heart to teach me that valuable trait.

Today I am thankful for understanding empathy.

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