How To Stay In Front of Your Customers - John Bagwell The OffBeat Business Show [Vintage]


Vintage production of The OffBeat Business Show, - Susan Hamilton interviews John Bagwell, owner of Bagwell Marketing and a Vietnam Veteran Purple Heart recipient. Go to for the entire audio podcast.  Due to technical problems, the first half of our interview on video was cut short.


The OffBeat Business Show [Vintage] - Susan Hamilton interviews John Bagwell, owner of Bagwell Marketing, speaker, and Vietnam Veteran about the future of click marketing and the opportunities local and national businesses have today to stay in front of the searching customer. Reach out to John to speak to your group and learn about his history as a DJ during the Vietnam War, and hear his engaging and humorous stories about how he began his marketing career in a small West Texas town. He became very well known in a very short period of time!

John brings valuable experience to the promotional products industry, and makes it super easy to offer quality items to stay front of mind with your client base. Go to for great ideas at great prices. Find our lineup, podcasts, TV, magazine, member directory and event and sponsor information in the OffBeat Business app or on Call 214-714-0495 to learn about the NEW OffBeat Business Media Network production, programming and promotion available NOW.