Do You See The People? 10 Seconds Daily


Have you given much thought to the people in your life?

Not family, the role players in your life. The mail man visits your house every day, what is his name? The neighbor you see once a week as we all head off to work, or the grocery store clerk assisting you every time you go to the store.

We do not always give much thought to these people filling seemingly insignificant roles until they are not there.

I remember some years ago sanitation works, trash men going on strike in one of the larger cities in the U.S. Or the fast food workers demanding more benefits and refusing to work until their demands were taken care of.

Seemingly insignificant people in your life.

What if?

This month is about being thankful for all those little things we never give a second to think about.

Thank you for what ever job or role you play. Chances are you impact more than yourself each day.

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