Commitment 10 Seconds Daily


Thank you for your time today.

We have just started focusing on #commitment and the question today is what really is commitment? So I went to a dictionary that sits on my desk and looked it up.

Here is what I found

to give trust or charge, bind or obligate as by a pledge.
to do, preform, perpetrate.
consign to a mental institution.
Number 1 fits our needs. So the words that came closest for me was the bind or obligate by a pledge. There by in my book a commitment could be an obligation that could be spoken or written. However it sounds like a defined event, action or accomplishment.

Commitments could be small. However we all know that small commitments lead to larger more meaningful commitments. In a relationship we might go from dating to engaged to married. We seldom go on a date and get married the next week. We see this in sales on a regular basis. Heck, our kids manipulate us in the same manner, the same way many of us did our parents .

And as most typical humans we need to have a win at the end of the commitment. Seldom will a person commit to an action without a payoff at the end. I always call it the "why". It is the emotional tie that drives us forward to the outcome.

Here are a couple of stories about commitments that I have made in my life and the impact they made.

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