Bernadette Coleman, Advice Interactive on Hyper Local The OffBeat Business Show [Vintage]


Part 1 - On The OffBeat Business Show, Bernadette Coleman, owner of Advice Interactive, shares wisdom on micro moments, a Google-coined phrase that means we purchase in a very short period of time these days. Listen in to discover the latest insights on consumer behavior.

This is the time, American business! Let's use this information to get super strong and build an influential business that capitalizes on data that actually matters to your bottom line.


Part 2 of Susan Hamilton's interview with Bernadette Coleman on The OffBeat Business Show January 10, 2017. Bernadette explains why directory listing is still an important step for search engine response in your favor.

Listen in to discover how you can solve inconsistencies in your online appearance and become a more trusted resource for Google to share your website during critical micro-moments.

Go to and take control of your data! So many reasons and Bernadette and Susan discuss it here.

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