An Awful Day 10 Seconds Daily


Woke up late, jumped out of bed and kicked the nightstand. Ouch! I am such an idiot, you know those nightstands are there and you are still stupid enough not to remember. I think I broke my toe. Anxiety running high, hate being late. I tell myself get in the shower and go. I quickly jump in the shower, dry my hair, throw my clothes on and head out the door. No time for breakfast, maybe I can make up that time.. I scurry into traffic, not too heavy. HEY, why'd you cut me off. Why that .....

Have you had one of those mornings? It is a perfect example of the ten percent what happens to you and ninety percent how you respond. Time to rewind this morning. Remember what you think about expands in your mind.

Sure the I woke up late. But I plan to generally be early. Bottom line is by my standards am running behind, not truly late. No-body will know if I don't tell them. Isn't running late the event that put my morning in turmoil? 

Sure I kicked the nightstand. Kicking the nightstand does not reduce my intelligence one bit. Why in the world do we make those outrageous statements of being stupid, or idiots?

I was in such a hurry I did not take time to eat. If you don't eat you don't preform well. You will run out of energy. Your memory will be affected. Take the time to grab a bite.

Getting cut off, one of my favorite discussions. We get upset when someone drives too close into our lanes. The bottom line is we get upset because another driver did not respect your space. In most cases it does not cause an accident. However they did not meet your driving standards. You may never see the one person who cut you off this morning. Yet we get anxious and irate when such an event happens. You are the only one that gets upset.

Today is about being thankful for choices. Every event described above came with a choice. I can let the event define my day or I can chose to move past it. 

Allow yourself to make good choices. Chose to put a smile on your face. Plan your days.

The right choice does not mean you will not stub your toe. The right choice does mean you will have a better day.

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