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Watch the latest OffBeat Business TV and listen to the latest OffBeat Business Show podcasts on demand each day at 12:30 PM CST. 

Susan Hamilton, CEO with OffBeat Business Media, interviews guests about what's working RIGHT for profitability, brand building, and community on the local family business landscape. 

Offbeat Business Media, a new approach to B4B to energize the local family business for profitability and action. To find out more about business solutions, go to http://OffBeatBusiness.com. To enjoy our business talk show format on 24/7 OBBM Radio Dallas or The Offbeat Business Show Podcast, or watch our on-demand Offbeat Business TV, go to http://OffBeatBusinessMedia.com. Download the Offbeat Business app to get it all in the palm of your hand! Call 214-714-0495 to learn more. OffBeat Business Media Network podcast is available on iTunes and Google Play Music. 

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