The Y.E.S. Lady with CharlA Featuring NERDbody Founder, Scott Eriksson

April 19, 2018 - 29 views
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In this episode of The Y.E.S. Lady with CharlaA, Scott Eriksson, founder of NERDbody, teaches business owners how to improve focus and energy so we participate more fully in our lives - in and out of business activities.

Scott Eriksson ends this segment with simple band workouts that you can do all day long without breaking a sweat or causing injury, that improve appearance, energy, and focus. Go to to sign up for this easy text program, and discover all the beneficial resources NERDbody has for YOU.

Guests on The Y.E.S. Lady with CharlaA empower listeners and viewers with simple tactics, mindsets, and approaches that make an immediate difference to their bottom line. To sponsor or be a guest on The Y.E.S. Lady with CharlaA, call 817-808-7703.

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