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After a phone, Skype, Facetime, or in-person 1/2 hour consultation, radio ads are custom scripted for you. Our unique approach makes it easy for you to approve and finalize professional ads we cater to the American business owner market. Call 214-714-0495 today to get started. 

Network ads work eactly like radio show ads, with more air time and flexibility to surround existing programs and advertising that further support your business. ALL of our advertising focuses on the listener FIRST. We are committed to bringing business owners premium information specifically geared to their particular desired content. As an internet vehicle, OffBeat Business Media groups shows based on the topics covered, at this average percentage of 24/7 programming:

OBBM programming pie chart

OBBM ensures that when a listener is tuned in to their program of interest, the advertising associated with the programs being listened to augment the entire message they are listening for. 

This is a different approach then traditional radio and television, where the advertising dollars are considered premium based on drive time. Since our programs are listened to online and on the OffBeat Business app, and we promote through social media, email, and push notifications - we can be very specific with our targeting. It becomes more important that show content and advertising are complementary to the choices the listener is making. 

This makes our ad rates insanely competitive on price:plays.

Call us today at 214-714-0495. Discover how you, too, can leverage your strong, influential brand as a business owner's resource. 

The Big Picture - 

Did you know that 80% of American micro to small businesses tend to be family owned businesses of 9 employees or less? That means we're building our businesses while we raise our kids, care for our parents, and probably have an active duty or veteran in our family or workspace. Approximately 30% of us have an addict in our families or workspaces. 

Until NOW, this massive audience has been virtually ignored and discarded both legislatively and by business coaches who struggle to sell to this group. 

It's our goal to show family business owners they are the 80% - and when they are profitable and influential, they will no longer be without a voice. Can we reach them? They struggle with time and money to get to events and conferences, to pay for necessary business coaching large corporations have in place and to follow through with what they've learned if they do. AMERICA, we cannot afford to ignore them any longer. Small business influence has waned so dramatically that it very well could disappear. It is NOT that they are not listening - it is that we've done a poor job of reaching them with exactly what they need to rise. They do not need to borrow money, they need to make more and sustain it through process development. 

OBBM is dedicated to reaching local small business owners in every community across America, connecting the dots between marketplace profitability and legislative influence. OBBM Radio Dallas is proving this can be done, and when we've filled our programming schedule here, we'll embark in another locale. Soon you'll see OBBM in the dashboards of vehicles and listed with the authorities in internet programming. THIS is the time to get YOUR ads produced and programmed with a network hungry to make a legacy difference for faith, family, and freedom. We're rebuilding American business influence locally, nationally, and abroad one conversation at a time! 

We're looking for business owners who recognize they can support the growth of the family small business sector through their programs and services - in any area of life and business. 

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